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Skills in action


‘To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each according to his ability…’



(Mt 25, 15)                  

Josué Fonseca
Founder and main leader of Fe y Vida. He is married and father of four children, he has been committed to evangelisation and community life for 40 years.
Sonia Gonzalez
She is married and mother of two daughters. She is our community secretary and manages everything.
Luis Priede
He is married and father of three sons, he is a medical specialist on palliative care and has a special ability to coach and give advice to people.
Jairo Alonso
Telecommunications engineer, he is in charge of the economy area of Fe y Vida. He is married to Sonia.
Anabel Quintanal
Captivated by the love of God since 16, she has a great ability to solve problems, welcoming and being available to other people. She is married to Josué Fonseca.
Dolores Alonso
Tireless worker, she is always ready to help. She loves young people and put all her efforts into them.


Fe y Vida is organized in ministries. These are working teams devoted to make our community reality specific. They look for efficiency and excellence in what they do but the most important thing is the people who compose them.

We all love to feel loved and important and it is truly necessary to show that it is so. That is why, in Fe y Vida, we want you to feel so from the very first moment you arrive, because everyone who comes to meet us is already part of our family.
We like beautiful things together with warming and carefully decorated spaces. We believe that the image you get from a place when you arrive there is important because it tells you a lot about people who live there.
Our mission is sharing the Good News of Jesus and there are many channels available nowadays to do it: new technologies, design… but we believe it is essential to use current and understandable languages for people today.
An essential element for our meetings and community life. We like being up-to-date on new trends, experimenting and sharing what we are constantly learning. We work hard to use music as a means to convey our passion for God.
Praying for others and for one another relentlessly. Our community is always supported by prayer and, for that reason, there is a group of people constantly focused on ‘keeping the home fire burning’.


They are the present and future of our community  so they need our support to help them develop the skills that the Lord has provided them with. Their view of the current world is enriching for all of us and Fe y Vida looks after them so they can grow and mature in their faith.

We gather every week in those places where we are present. We pray, share our faith and experiences, and spend time together. A framework that encourages us to keep our faith alive and share our lives.

We have more than 20 years of experience in community life and mentoring and we know we have to share it. We have been working on this field with several Spanish dioceses and parishes.

We help you develop a Christian life rooted on the Gospel. We also work on aspects of holistic healing of the person through different kinds of mentoring depending on every personal need.

We aim to develop in our kids a natural and close relationship with God by means of new and creative methods such as Godly Play or Hillsong Kids, which help them improve their innate spiritual experience.

Week meetings in which we share a moment of worship and a more personal and close moment of sharing. They can have different approaches depending on the needs of the people inside them.



The money managed by Fe y Vida is definitely designated for the growing of the kingdom of God and all its aspects. Some of our recurrent costs are managing the buildings where we develop our activities, events on evangelization, supporting people who are going through money problems, who also share their faith with us, or, collaborating on ongoing projects in the Third World. Thanks to the committed members of our community, who give 10% of their monthly incomes, and to a number of donations that we receive we can go on with these projects. [ Download Economy Report - 2016 ]

If you want to collaborate, we suggest two ways of doing it:

By making a deposit into the following bank account - BBVA ES03 0182 0683 25 0201636678

or through our payment gateway:




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