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Living a comprehensive faith, faithful to the Gospel and within our current culture…

A new way of living our Church and introducing it to people!


We are a group of people who try to follow Our Lord Jesus by living our faith in community. From a formal point of view, we constitute a Public Association of Believers, approved and recognized by the Catholic Church in Santander bishopric (Spain), and registered in the Register of Religious Entities of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.


Furthermore, our community is a diverse human group. Most of our members are University professionals and married couples and we also value and take care of the gift of celibacy that has been granted to some of our community members. There are a lot of children, they are our greatest gift.

One of our main features is that we are focused on continually taking care of personal relationships and keeping an open mind to others. From this point of view, anyone who wants to live their faith with Christ and others seriously has their place here!


We think that the Christian vocation, from its origins, is inseparable from the common life. From the Lord Jesus, who chooses the apostles and shares his life with them, to all the testimony left to us by the New Testament and the subsequent history, our faith is inserted in a community paradigm whose maximum expression is the Church.

In the same way that a family environment is indispensable for a child, where he can receive the teachings and care that lead him to become a mature and responsible adult, a Christian needs a concrete and real community of brothers and sisters that helps him on the way to become a true disciple of Christ. That way of catechumenate is essential to us.


Something that can be immediately seen is our “obsession” to present a significant faith. That is, a faith that everyone could understand. That provides our group with certain characteristics, such as interest in cultural dialogue, artistic expressions, beauty and new technologies. It is not easy to be a coherent Christian and a true member of postmodern society, capable of being understood by his contemporaries. However, in our opinion, it is something essential for the Church today. We highly value a cosmopolitan and open character. We strongly believe in commitment, responsible work and the joy. We think that a good welcome is fundamental in the Christian community (although, obviously, we still have failures).


‘Fe y Vida’ charism is developed through 3 main points that, somehow, are included in our founding reading:Is 61: 1-8.

1) “Evangelize”. For us, conversion to the Lord Jesus has been the best of our lives, so we wish everyone could have such an experience. In addition, this is His mandate (Mc 16:15). We try to convey the message in an understandable way to today’s men and women.

2) “Accompany”. It is the same as “comfort.” Unfortunately, there are many of our brethren bent under the weight of suffering and injustice. While so many lack so much, how can we be calm? Each member of the community should exercise mercy wherever he can and as many times as possible. Each one should strive to cultivate a look of compassion, like that which our Lord had.

3) “Unite”. The germ of the division is everywhere. Also in the Body of Christ. For a long time, the community has developed a ministry of union: ecumenism with non-Catholics and an approach to the different sensibilities (sometimes too far apart from each other) of the Church itself. Our rule of thumb: do not criticize anyone and learn from everyone.


This community is only a concrete form of life within the Church, so this is what is truly important. In it, we receive the essential. We are only a small “family”, with a specific charism within the great People of God headed by the Pope and the Bishops. In each diocese, we try to contribute as much as we can, feeling one with the rest of the brothers and listening to those responsible.

All committed members of “Fe y Vida” make a special vow of obedience to their prelate, and each concrete community is put at his disposal. As for the Doctrine, our position is quite simple: among us, the guidelines of the Magisterium are not criticized, and the help of the Church itself is sought to make them alive in each concrete situation.

What can we offer?


Improving your relationship with the Lord?

Prayer / Reading of the Word. Renewed sacramental practice


Do you have problems?

Discipleship / Accompaniment / Community Life / Non-Managing Integral Development


Accompanied always better!

Growth groups. Safe space


Do you need training?

Plan 101/ Plan 102/ Plan 103


Looking for a vision for your life?

Assistance Programs / Ministries Development


Are you looking for commitment to justice and mercy?

Third World Projects / Immigrants Needy people


Are you worried about your children?

Christian environment / Youth events / Youth groups development


We are a family!

All our activities and missions are raised from this perspective: the person is the important thing. We are normal and imperfect people who love each other, just as the Lord loves us


Where to find us?

We also have an experienced accompaniment system and online groups!

Founder of the community

Josué Fonseca

Doctor of History, with a specialty in religious behavior. He has taught (and continues to) in different schools and university centers.
Professor of History of the Church at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences, based in Cantabria.

Josué was born on July 23, 1960 in Lieres (Principality of Asturias). At the age of five he moved to live Cantabria with his parents. He studied Bachillerato in Torrelavega, and later the degree of History in the Universities of Salamanca and Santander. In this last one, he later achieved the degree of Doctor in the same specialty.

The most important change of his life came in September 1977, when a young boy, “Gelo,” told him about the experience of conversion to Jesus.
From that moment of encounter, the Lord became the center of his life. From the age of 18, he lived a strong parochial and diocesan commitment, animated by the spirituality of the well-known “Communities of Burgos”, he was part of one of those groups for many years.

Between 1991 and 1993, when he was a high school teacher, he organized a series of camps with his students, from which (“and without him having anything to do with that”) many boys and girls underwent extraordinary religious transformations.
Finding himself surrounded by dozens of young people who wanted more and more of the faith, he came to ask for help and advice from Monsignor D. José Vilaplana, then bishop of Santander, who confirmed to him in his intuitions and ordered him to continue his work. As a result of this pastoral care, the Catholic Community “Fe y Vida” was born on Easter 1996, which was erected as a Public Association of Believers in December 1999.

Josué is very clear on the fact that he is “a poor man who messes up frequently”, but, despite his defects, he believes above anything else in the mercy of God. It is this mercy that constitutes the passion of his life, which is concretized in helping ordinary people, like him, to meet the Treasure that is the Lord Jesus. And that the poor of any kind can find hope and comfort in Him (Is 61). The fruit of his teaching experience in high school and university is the ardor for bringing faith to young people (“an obsession”, he says).


His other passion is the modern world. He thinks that the Church “has lost much of the pulse of contemporary culture,” and recovering a common language to both is vital within his vision. He is very interested in “pop culture”, and is an avid reader of Social Sciences and Theology. He has for a long time combined the evangelizing work with the academic one (he is the author of around 20 scientific publications, some of them awarded, in the field of the History of Mentalities).


Josué uses a great deal of time and effort to get to know and be aware of the most successful evangelistic experiences around the world and strives to create and maintain contact with key people and realities in today’s Christian world . He believes, above all else, that the creation of small Christian communities, made up of women and men mature in Christ and grouped around their bishops, is the future of the old European Church. “The greatest desire of his heart” is that Spain can experience that reality.


Convinced that faith cannot be separated from life, he thinks that it is God’s will that we live it radically and in fullness. In addition to reading, he loves music (especially classical and Christian “indie-folk” from USA), trekking, motorbikes and kayaking.


He is married to Anabel, who has been working as a Social Worker since 1993. They and their four children, Samuel, Israel, Lydia and Lara, live in a house in the countryside, near Torrelavega (Cantabria).